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Thursday, January 16, 2020 9:54:54 PM

Home RinkHello Everyone!!

The Toyotasportsplex Adult B league season is starting this Tuesday, Jan. 21st with the Sharpshooters playing against Sarah St.!! If anyone is intrested in getting involved with the league reach out to the league commissoner at "romo424@aol.com". Good luck to all the teams and let's have a great season!!



League Commissoner

Bill Romanowski


Wednesday, January 15, 2020 5:12:20 PM

Hello All!!!

The registration for the Adult B League Winter/Spring Session is now open!! Sign up under toyotasportsplex.com/leagues and scroll down to adult league page and follow the registration links!!

Congratulations to last seasons Champions "Trainwrecks" taking First place over the Sharpshooters in a decisive 8-3 win.

Sarah St., the former regining champs have returned and are looking to reclaim their title!

 Any intrested parties in joining the league should contact League Comissioner "Bill Romanowski" to inqure any information about signing up or questions about the League.


Thank you everyone and good luck this season!!


Bill Romanowski

League Comissioner

Email: romo424@aol.com 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 9:15:24 PM

Welcome to the Fall/Winter B/C Adult League at Toyota Sportsplex!! Games will start on tuesday, September 10th and run until December 19th! All games are slotted for 10:15pm start times. Later than we hoped but its all we have to work with this season. 4 teams are in this season starting with the defending Champions, Sarah Street Bar and Grille, the runner up has combined with the last place team to form the all new Sherman Hill Sharpshooters!! After that we have our front office team returning from last season, the Trainwrecks, and finally our new addition the combined King's and Wilkes team named the Alcohooligans! It will be an exciting season with a lot to offer!!

***All players must register with USA hockey before entering the ice surface for insurance purposes!!!***

Let's have a great season as it will probably be the last session that Toyota sportsplex will be handling on its own as a merger with the WVIHL is in the works! Enjoy the season and LETS GO PENS!!


Bill Romanowski

Men's B/C League Comissoner

Toyota Sportsplex 


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